“A sister is both your mirror and your opposite”

Look at Those Chin Sisters !

Camille, Medinah, Sajeeda and Maleeka. From motherhood to world traveling┬áto life after college- these Sisters are four sisters from a big, tight knit, Cosby-esque family of 9, who believe everything is better together – even blogging.

It is not uncommon to stop by our parents home on Long Island any given weekend and find it over flowing with love and bustling with activity. Growing up in such a lively environment cultivated a strong sense of community among us and an equally strong thirst for independent expression. As we get older and venture further into our own unique individual journeys, we also grow a deeper connection to family values that are our foundation.
We invite you to peek into our lives, as we share stories, insights, and our interest in family, education, fashion, travel, wellness and all things creative.

Welcome to the family!