Meet The Sisters

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Fashion enthusiast. Rebel. Intellectual. Mother. Wife. Counselor. Sister. Friend. 

Camille is the eldest sister. While growing up she was often a kind of secondary caretaker for her siblings. That responsibility made her very mature while simultaneously a bit rebellious. Being first also taught her how to be a leader and forge her own path. When that path lead to love she jumped in head first, married and began a family at 22. Now after 11 years of marriage and 3 kids, she finds herself once again on the unbeaten path- rediscovering herself, all while managing the amazing balancing act called family life.


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Believer. Sister. Wife. Mother. Educator. Organizer.Wanderlust

Medinah is a science teacher who LOVES to travel.  The 2nd oldest and is known to be ‘well-informed’ in family business. (smile). She is a strong believer in keeping the family close. Always looking for fun activities to do and share. Medinah loves everything science, everything education and everything travel. Just trying to figure out how to balance it all: Family.Travel.Work

‘The world is my classroom.’




Hippie. Vagabond. Hipster. Fashionista. World Traveler. Scholar. Teacher. Auntie. Friend. Sister.

Sajeeda is a free spirited twenty-something always looking for what is next. Shes the middle child of 7 but is Jackie’s 3rd daughter.She studied Civil Engineering at the illustrious Howard University (HU !…you know !) The only lefty of the bunch, Sajeeda is usually the “odd one out” & can be misunderstood sometimes. She is trying to navigate her twenties trying to figure out whats next ! Live.Laugh.Love & Wanderlust.




Student- SBU alumni. Photographer. Friend. Tech wiz. Queen. LITTLEST Sister.

Maleeka is the youngest sister. Maleeka means Queen in Arabic and according to her mother she knew from the womb that this was most fitting name for the baby girl of the bunch. At the tender age of 23, Maleeka is a legging wearing-Netflix binger… wondering what the HECK she is going to do after graduation. Fresh out of Stony Brook University as a Health Science Major—Maleeka has the world at her fingertips. However, she is stuck in-between wanting to travel the world & take pictures OR stay home and work a 9-5 so she can have money in her pocket. (“adulting” is hardwork!) Like her other sisters, she has been bit by the travel bug but she is not nearly as obsessive. A few short annual trips here or there will scratch that itch. Her faith assures her the answers will come to her in due time.