Why Jackie’s Girls?

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my mother.”

Our mother. Our first teacher. Our first coach. Superwoman, for real !

Her Instagram ┬áname says “Mother of Seven” but in fact, she is way more than that. She is everyone’s “mom”, from all her children’s friends to just random children in the neighborhood – she never hesitates to help someone out. Jackie is the definition of unconditional love. She always has her heart(…and home) open to anyone in need. She has instilled in us the love for giving back and the importance of family. She taught us that sacrifice is necessary and it will be hard but she always went through life with a smile on her face. We always say how crazy our mother is because she and my father raised 7 beautiful children, are now grandparents to 6 amazing grandchildren…(twins on the way) and even still keeps her house as a revolving door.

We are Jackie’s girls. We are all different shades of the same woman.

Thanks Mom