@Neelam_: Muslimah Fashion

My name is Neelam Hakeem (@Neelam_) and I’ve always struggled with covering my hair because I’m obsessed with cute hair styles and I thought that covering it took away from fashionable looks I used to go for.  My opinion changed drastically on #MuslimWomensDay as I trolled trough the hashtag becoming spellbound by the beautiful Muslim women and girls who slayed with extreme prejudice, modestly. It was at that moment that I decided to commit to modest fashion.
I also wanted to, as a black woman and M.G.T., to possibly make a difference like the girls I have seen that inspired me. So I decided, with the help of Allah, to try to push and promoteneelam2 my modesty and be an example like the women and girls who changed my opinion on modest fashion. By Allah’s Grace, all the love I’ve received from my sisters and new extended sisters of the faith has kept me striving to keep it up.  I now know that you can be pleasing to Allah and pleasing to the eye at the same time. Modesty is real beauty!

My favorite inspirational Muslimahs are:

@feeeeya (Saufeeya Goodson)
@__enimsay (Yasmine)
@chinutay who has a brand I love @chinutayco
@marwaatik who has a company I love @velascarves
Other favorite brands are Gessocollections and @massahc
neelam1I do tag every hijab I wear on each picture. 
Neelam Hakeem
“Honestly, I prefer Modesty


Who’s your favorite Instagram Muslimah?


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  1. Beautiful look 🙂 I love how you embraced modesty because you make it look just as stunning as any other kind of style!


  2. lorettam1 says:

    APIDTA! This is SO dope. What a wonderful way to use your God given gifts to further The Mission. Only what we do for Christ will last! This is so valuable. Please keep on. May Allah grant you continued success and opportunity. As Salaam Alaikum


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