Ten Universal Rules

One of the highlights for my trip to Alaska was vising the Alaska Heritage Center.Although I had mixed feelings about the performances, I loved touring the site and learning about the Native s of the land, the original people. I liked seeing many of the young generation of Native Yup’ik, Cup’ik, Inuapiat and many more because we could feel the love of their past and their thirst to revive their culture. I talked to so many people just to fully understand what they were going through. One of the girls said that at one point there were around 150,000 of her people; today there is only close to 2200. Of those 2200 only about 150 still speak the language. She was happy and hopeful that with the passing of a new bill in Alaska, the language will be taught again in schools across Alaska. Its great seeing hope and love for culture and history.

While walking through one of the sections I noticed the 10 Universal Values and I just kept thinking yes these are universal values, so what makes people break these universal values ? How can a group of people come to a foreign land and just claim it as their own, killing all the natives and forcing a new culture and way of life on them ? The whole time there I just was trying to understand but, “we cant fathom the depth of evil of the devil.”  But here they are:

Ten Universal Values

1. Show respect to othersEach person has a special gift

2. Share what you haveGiving makes you richer

3. Know who you areYou are a reflection on your family

4. Accept what life bringsYou cannot control many things

5. Have patienceSomethings cannot be rushed

6. Live CarefullyWhat you do will come back to you

7. Take care of othersYou cannot live without them

8. Honor your eldersThey show you the way in life

9. Pray for guidanceMany things are not known

10. See ConnectionsAll things are related

This is really all we need.

Im just an empty book waiting to be filled !

Traditional dances & storytelling
 My “little brother”
Everyone loves a selfie !

– Live, Laugh, Love

           Sajeeda, the vagabond


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